February 1, 2015

You are doing the what??? – Q&A

Over the last couple of days some of you have asked “what the h*** is the Ice Run” and “why would anyone in its right mind go to Siberia in winter… to ride a Russian ’80s bike!”. Fair enough, let me explain:

The Ice Run
The Ice Run is a charity race organised by The Adventurists which will take please in Lake Baikal (Siberia) over the last two weeks of March. 9 teams/motorbikes will race across the largest and deepest freshwater lake in the world, which will hopefully be frozen, standing temperatures of -20/-40°C and treasuring memories for life.

While there have been previous versions of the Ice Run, this year’s is the first to take place in Lake Baikal (on the lake) and thus it is know as “The Pioneers’ Run”.


For fun, for charity, to drive my parents crazy… but mainly to set myself a new challenge that helps me get rid of the Mongol Rally bug (and yes, I’m conscious that the “Ice Run bug” will be hard to get rid of!).

Will you be ridding your own bike?

No, I’m afraid the good old Fazer is not well suited for this environment. We’ll be riding the only bike that could make this whole ordeal (even) more epic, the Russian made Ural (made after the 1930s BMW R71). Rumour has it that the ones will be riding were built in the 80s-90s and are being serviced for the first time…

The mighty Ural

The mighty Ural (Source: The Adventurists)

Who else is doing it?, Are you doing it alone?

9 teams have signed up for this crazy adventure, although some (most) seem to be much better prepared for the adventure… To make things (even) more interesting, team Hemendik Horra is the only “solo rider” team. 😀

I introduce you to The Pioneers!

What’s the route?, is there any support?, will you get lost?

None,no, and most likely…

In true Adventurist style the Ice Run offers no set route, no support, no rules. We’ll be provided with some tips, guiding points and GPS data for the lake, but then its entirely up to each team which route to choose (or how to get lost), whether to convoy or ride solo, and whether to bring food, fish or eat each other 😉
I think it’s also fair to assume that we won’t cross paths with many locals.

Where the f*ck is Lake Baikal?
The Un-Route (Source: The Adventurists)
Beautiful but frosty
Looking forward to camping on the lake


Well, that must be quite chilli, how does one get dressed?
To be honest I’m still trying to find out, so more on this in the next few days, but in the meantime this will give you a better idea.

Well that’s all for now. Have a great week and keep the donations coming!

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