July 24, 2013


A bit of history on my home for the last 3 days http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volgograd or http://www.volgadmin.ru/en/

Built by German prisoners after the war. Some ended up marrying locals and were made free
Weapon (advanced rocket system) factory
The tram…
…with its comfortable seats
I share the feeling…
…an urge to drive but no car!!!
Volgograd State panoramic museum (“VSPM”)
VSPM – From the war
VSPM – The Germans are coming
VSPM – Kids playing with tanks… feels kind of wrong
Mamayev Kurgan
Mamayev Kurgan
Mamayev Kurgan – Mother Russia
Mamayev Kurgan
Mamayev Kurgan
Mamayev Kurgan – Memorial
Mamayev Kurgan – Long day?
Mamayev Kurgan – Changing the guard

Mamayev Kurgan – Mother Russia and beautiful church
Mamayev Kurgan – Beautiful church
Picking up my car. Here with Alexis (the mechanic)
With Nicolas, great host and helping hand in Russia

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