July 17, 2013

Czech Out party and more

By the time I got to Klenová the party had already started so I put up my tent quickly and run uphill to grab some dinner. I shared table with two fun Norwegians who are doing a similar route to mine and shared some important need to knows about life and Scandi women (don’t worry I’ll keep your secret!). One of them has postponed his wedding in order to be able to complete the rally, how cool is that? :-)

The Czech-Out Party (15/07/13):

Imagine a medieval castle dressed for the occasion…


… at the top of the castle a live folk band playing more Eastern European and Asian tunes…

A bar
The stage
The band

… in one of the castle chambers a “tea house” …

 … and in another a rave party!!! (Parras you would have loved it)

There were also some jugglers who left us open-mouthed with their spectacular fire show, but unfortunately my camera’s battery had drained by then. I’m sure their mum was always telling them off for playing with fire; guys it was worth it!

The party in the castle ended around 12am and continued in the campsite until 6:30am or so. I didn’t stay up until very late as I had some proper driving to do the day after, but managed to meet the team from La Rioja who shared a “bota de vino” by their bonfire, and namesake José from Cáceres who already tried to make it to Mongolia a couple of years ago but got arrested in Kazakhstan because his visa expired while waiting for a friend, had to spend the night in prison and has been forbidden entry for 5 years (no kidding). Thanks for your tips on how to deal with police, have a safe trip through Russia and see you in Ulaanbataar!

Czech Out – Off to Bratislava (16/07/13):

As my father often reminded us “noches alegres, mañanas tristes”

This is where the after party took place
Queue for breakfast
Tough night
This is going to come handy!

After a hearty breakfast and learning some cool places I would visit today, I brushed my teeth (remember, it’s important to do it at least 3 times a day, and I can tell some of you don’t!), prepared the car, and went to see the European award ceremony… but got bored after a while and decided to leave with most of the teams who had met in Bodiam Castle.

And here he wonders “have I really seen a chicken man in a bike?”
A Czech jazz band
The biggest man in Czech Rep.

On my way to Bratislava I did a small detour to visit Kostnice in Kutná Hora, a truly impressive and equally creepy church a fellow racer recommended in the morning. I’ll let the pictures do all the talking…

Getting lost one more time (I need my TomTom back and I need it quick!!!) I finally made it to Bratislava shortly after 19:30, where the always kind and loving Felix and Mali received me with open arms and took me to an amazing restaurant for dinner. Unfortunately I didn’t take the camera with me, but you can check out the place here: http://www.u-f-o.sk/ (under “UFO”)

And after a short touristic walk through Bratislava’s old quarter and its many churches (all very beautiful indeed), it was time to call it a day. Bea we need to plan a proper visit soon, this was certainly not enough :-)

That’s all for now folks!

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