January 26, 2015

A brand new adventure!!!

New year, new life and new crazy challenge… As many of you already know this will be a year of changes: I’ve decided to quit my job and take some months off to explore new business opportunities, I’m in a new relationship, I’m committed to get back into shape… and I’ve decided to take part in a new adventure that will give you the chills.

Ice Run(click the logo to find out more)

As per last time, this is a charity race in which, in addition to providing you numerous reasons to laugh at/with me, I try to raise as much money as possible for two great causes: the Great Ormond Street Hospital for kids and Cool Earth, an organization that helps protect the world’s most endangered rainforests.

Please donate generously and subscribe to my Twitter account (@cabaoth) or the RSS link above (top right hand corner) to receive notifications every time I write a new post.


Thanks a lot in advance and enjoy the ride!!!

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